Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Deadly Morsels....

Back to work and school today! Did you have a fun 3 day weekend? I traveled to a candy store and have been working on some Halloween Treat Shovels....there is something about a shovel and a skeleton that work perfectly eerily together!

I have a few more styles sitting on my desk too...but I haven't taken pictures of them just yet....this was my attempt at spooky photography...lol....

I think I should have started working on Halloween stuff 2 months ago...I have so many ideas written down and so many things I want to make I doubt I will get even half of them done by the time Halloween rolls into town...
Here's Hoping we all have a Great and Productive day today! Cheers,


  1. Super cute...uh...I mean eerie!!! Love the look of this one!!! :)


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