Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sticky Tape Letters?! and a little Peter Pan Love!

Good Morning! On the Wish Big card I showed you on Monday, I made two of the letters stand out, today, I wanted to show you how I made those letters but first I want to talk about Peter Pan.....We went into the City this week to see Peter Pan!! Plays make me Happy...they always have and we try to see as many as we can....but this one...."was an awfully big adventure"!! I loved it!!! The whole thing! From taking BART into the City with the Kids to watching this fun show which was unlike any other I have seen, to intermission when they went into a candy tent and packed colorful Chinese take out boxes with candy to seeing the Kids expressions and excitement to even hoping back on BART afterwards....I loved it all!! If you are in the Bay Area...I highly recommend taking your Kids or seeing it yourself! This was the US premiere so I have no doubt it will be making its way around the US so wont be disappointed!!! back to Our regularly scheduled crafting adventures....
On to the letters.....You may have seen this technique before but in case you haven''s pretty neat! Its kinda like when you were in Elementary School and you would write something down on a piece of construction paper, in glue, and then you would take a piece of string and follow your “glue word” by laying the string right on top! Its the same principle but with no glue!!! All you really need is Sticky Tape and Glitter!!

First take your Sticky Tape…I used 1/4″ for my letters…if you want bigger or wider letters you can use larger tape, ect. and peel off the protective layer….It gets pretty sticky…try to keep it from getting loops… While holding it in both hands take each end and start twisting….twist until its all twisted tight. Once you have your tape twisted, you can start “writing with it”! Here I followed along the stamped sentiment….

The Sticky Tape stays where you put it and also acts as your “glue” for the glitter! When you have the letters like you like them…pour your glitter over them…...make sure to remove any “stray” fabric strands from your glitter pile =:O) I used P K Glitz's Glitter Glitz in Ginger which is quickly becoming a favorite!

Pour off the extra glitter, add more if you need…and then brush off……Now you have dimensional letters that are like “string” letters and add an extra “pop” to your projects…and its fun to do! =:O)

I hope you have a GREAT day and remember...."All you need is trust and a little Pixie Dust!!"....


  1. That has got to be the coolest tip I have seen yet! You are amazing!!

  2. Ooooh I've got to try this. :) Thank You so much for showing us how. Glad the show was fun. Lovely hearing all about it. :)
    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Best wishes, Gez.
    I think you are definately amazing too.xx
    My little boy has had so much fun making the little layered paper flowers. We have them stuck all over the fridge! I'm hoping to blog him real soon & will link back. :)


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