Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Heart Day!!!

Ahhhhh...the Reds and Pinks are coming out..everywhere you look are yummy hearts and pretty colors!!!! My favorites!!!

The paper is Martha Stewart and let me tell you...I'm in Love it with it! The red with the white polka dots is my favorite piece of paper ever!! I don't know why but I love it!!!

I'm working on a few classroom treats too, as you can see! Don't forget to check back for some more Valentines projects and goodies in my etsy store!!
To make the pictures a little bigger you can click on them as always!


  1. Beautiful! My husband just said to me today "WOW I can't believe they have out Valentine's decorations already!" :) Its really only a few weeks away...I think he should get ready! hehe

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful creations!
    Jenn (I just blurfed here from the stampers forum!) :D

  2. love the beads on the heart...fabulous job...

  3. Wow these are stunning! I love Valentine day cards!!

  4. Great start on your Valentines. I love that beaded heart!

  5. Wow! these are so well done! Love your designs and gorgeous embellishments.


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