Sunday, January 3, 2010

Little Shabby Home......

I've been seeing little houses popping up everywhere! I think they are so fun, so, I decided to make a little house a Home, but you can't see it yet...I can't get a good picture...I'll have to wait till tomorrow to show you but here's a sneak peek of my happy home....

I made the roof with crepe paper frill that I made. I wanted to make all sorts of colors and I probably will...I see another house, being made into a home, shortly but the next one will be a lot more "Valentiney", that even a word? I don't know but I like it...anyway...with Reds...lots of bright Reds!!

I made enough for you you can make your own house into a home...or decorate a scrapbook page with it, or your wall....crepe paper goes with anything doesn't it? Especially Glitter!!!

So until tomorrow...

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  1. Your "shabby" home is not so shabby. Very sweet. It would hold a great number of different goodies. TFS


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