Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Wacky, Wrinkled Wednesday!!

It was Dress 80's style at my Daughters school today! She looked so cute in her leg warmers, tights, multi-layered shirts and of course Big hair!! They should have days where you have to dress the same way your kids do....I know I could get some BIG 80's hair going on!! =:O)
This card turned out wacky. I didn't want it to. It just didn't work out like I had envisioned it. I was trying to do the #7 Challenge over at Chelsea's Blog,
Crafting Life's Pieces. Her designs are always fun and her work is AMAZING!

So off I start the challenge......I thought with this great Magnolia image, wouldn't it be fun to crumple it all making it look like a leaf?! Good thought...bad execution....I crumpled without abandon. Crushing all in my path. Pleased with the little ball my work had become, I opened the wrinkled art and to my complete dismay...I had wrinkled her face...UGH...I should have done a controlled wrinkle..It really can't be fixed. So I didn't really do all the elements to the challenge and wont submit it but the happy news is, my Mum will soon find in her mailbox a lovely little note from her favorite daughter and she no doubt will think, I, am truly crafty. Gotta love that!!
I'll have to try again next week for the CLP Challenges and finish working on the piles of unfinished stuff on my desk! So many little time! As always, click on the picture to make it a little bigger!


  1. Colleen, LOL you are funny! I love the idea and the card! Why not enter it? There are no good/bad card, just fun cards! I'm so happy to see your card for the first time on my challenge sketch. :)Chel

  2. Okay....I'll go enter it! Hope nobody says...Hey, her face is wrinkled! =;O)

  3. FYI...I didn't not hear any one said her face is wrinkled! lol I'm so glad you entered it! Thanks for joining me this week! It's a beautiful card! :)Chel

  4. What a wonderful card. Great job!!

  5. So in love with this card. Adding the leaves was a great idea. Don't be ashamed of this creation--it is certainly something to share.

  6. Soo cute! I love the magnolia stamps, I don't have any yet. I hope to one day, whenever I see them they bring out the little girl in me.


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