Friday, October 9, 2009

My Little Drama Queen!

Seems like a busy week but I don't seem to have a lot completed! I worked on personal layouts today. It would be really great if I could catch up and have at least one complete year done...LOL..right?!!
During the summers we enroll the Kids into classes to keep the boredom at bay and me, sane....a couple of years ago my Daughter picked Drama Class...they ended up doing "Annie"! It was so fun and she was just a natural at being a Drama Queen!! =:o)

I've used sooooooooo many different products on this page....its a little crazy but a girl can never have too many products on her page...can she? I kinda wish I had used a darker background page that way you could see the lace a little better! I love making the chipboard stars and glittering them up! I think they look so neat! The cool paper flowers are Primas were given to me (Thanks Shannon!!) and I love, love, love, the ones with the black lines but don't know what the line was called.
Am so happy its Friday, I hoping I get to sleep in tomorrow, just a hour or so, probably not but I can certainly hope for it! The Kids are going to have a big sleepover at their Brothers place tomorrow so they are super excited and....that means Honey and I are alone...hmmmmmm....sounds like Date Night to me!!!
Have a Great Weekend!!


  1. What a cleaver title! This page tells a story Colleen. Looks like they had lots of fun too. I do see the lace and it's just beautiful overall. Enjoy your weekend :)Chel

  2. Very nice layout, love the title!


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