Monday, October 5, 2009

Manic Monday!

Monday, Monday....Its the 1st Monday in October! I didn't want to get out of bed! It was cold and my bed was super snugly. I don't think I've recovered from that feeling.....and I think I'll be happy when its bedtime! I did take some time to make this scrapbook page, Okay...a lot of time...because I'm a SUPER slow scrapper.

I hardly ever make pages with me or about me as a focus so this one was a little different for me....but I do REALLY like the guy in the picture =:O) so I thought I should do a page of us....Honey and I.
I'm still trying hard to figure out how to take better pictures...I do believe its my camera...everything I come out dull and not nearly as colorful as they are in real life...I gotta work on that...If you click on my pictures they get a little bigger and you can see a little more detail...but the color is always off!! Ugh!
Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more productive!! Hope your day was great!


  1. This is very pretty and it has a nice romantic feel to it.

  2. Beautiful! Love the paper you used and I love all the flowers and butterfly's you used!


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