Monday, September 28, 2009

World Card Making Day is Coming!!

Did you know World Card Making Day is on the 3rd? Thats this Saturday! Mark your calendar and get together with friends or family to start crafting for the Holiday Season without the rush!

I hope to get quite a lot of Christmas cards done and with any luck a few to put in my etsy store!! What will you do?
I have already begun making Christmas cards! Here's my latest:

Martha Stewarts dimensional branch stickers are perfect for Christmas card decorations! I bought these last year and I hope to see them again this year as they are so fun to put on cards! The pinecones are my very favorite!

Honey finished the lightbox and what a difference!! You probably dont need the whole set up, if you want to change your backdrop a lot...I bet just the wonderful reflective lights with the "outdoor" light bulbs would work...amazing the difference between regular bulbs "yellow" overcast and "outdoor" lights! Try changing a bulb at your house and seeing the amazing difference!!
I'm off....I picked up my Daughter early from school today, she has a tummy ache! The school said tummy aches were going around and then comes a fever so I'm trying to knock it out before it starts...water, rice, chicken noodle soup, vitamins, more water! I hope the rest of the house doesnt get it!!


  1. A stunning card...I love the branch and pinecones. I have been looking for the M. Stewart punch that is the branch but haven't found it. Love the sticker!

  2. What a pretty card! :)

    Happy World Card Making Day to you too and greetings from Finland!


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