Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Little Scholar!!

I found a "new to me" sketch challenge blog this week called Pencil Lines!! A bunch of really fun sketches for scrapbooking! Since I'm trying to work on getting some of my own pages done this sight is perfect for some inspiration!! This weeks challenge is No. 153 (sad I've missed the last 152!):

I kept this page Super simple and pretty much stayed close to the sketch. My sweet baby girls face and smile is really all that is needed on Any page anyway! =:O) Hard to believe that adorable thing of mine is now in Jr. High!!
Honey is off making me a light box. I've complained enough now, I think =;O) and I received a link (Thanks, Susan!!!) to a DIY light box that is just up my Husbands alley. I'm so hoping it works!!! In the mean time, if you click on the picture it should become bigger and more clear. (Okay...a little!)
This is the last day in a string of super hot days, all over 100. Next week we should see some temperatures 20 degrees lower and I am so looking forward to that!! I love fall and the cooler temps! I hope where you are things are just right! Have a great weekend!


  1. What a cutie you have there! Her smile is just like yours. Hope you're having a good weekend. :)Chelsea

  2. Hi Colleen,
    Thanks for joining us at Pencil Lines, please send us your layout to the Readers Gallery at
    Anna x


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