Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just Poppin' in!!!

Being a Popcorn lover myself, when I saw this I just had to make it!! This cute little gift is both inexpensive to make and super fun!!!
Made from a Jiffy Pop Popcorn Tin, I simply traced a circle from the lid onto cardstock and then traced another circle onto pretty paper, glued them together added the gift card envelope, decorated with some Prima flowers and the finishing touch is the big Christmas bow! Super easy!! Your recipient just needs to pop off the bow and decorative circle and follow the manufactures instructions which have been left underneath!!! I added a blockbuster gift card...for a Popcorn and Movie!! but you can put in any type of gift card!! Makes a great little gift!!
Have Fun!!


  1. They still make Jiffy Pop in the bowls?!? What a fun idea :-)

  2. SO cute - and what a great idea to add a blockbuster card. Just a great gift!

  3. What an adorable Christmas project!!! Great idea!

  4. What a clever idea and super fun gift to receive. Great decorations -- love that bow!

  5. Very cute! Your bow is beautiful, and it goes with your project so perfectly!!

  6. Colleen,
    I'm glad I found you on SCS. Your creations are wonderful! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Soooo cute! LOVE the ribbon! :D


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