Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Freezing Cold!!

I've been cold all day! It so dark and rainy here!! I wish it would just snow but...no such luck in this part of the state =:O( Wishing of snow I created this cute and "cool" paper piecing set. The little recipe card could be used to make such an adorable card!!
I made this set out of white, black and blue and a mustard type colored Bazzill cardstock. With no pattern or computer image, I just kinda winged it. Inked it with Brilliance. The string of lights are Jolees and of course I added a little Stickles because who can resist a little of that!! You can see it up close and read the poem by clicking on the picture.
My Mum lost power for quite a while in the snow storm that hit New England and said it was super icy and cold. For all those affected by the big storm a couple of days ago....Stay Safe and Warm!!


  1. I think it's cute...the penguins are adorable!!

  2. Love this card...those are such cute little penguins!

  3. This card is too cute! I just love penguins and igloos

  4. Great job on the paper piecing! It's so tedious and this is very pretty.


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