Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Favorite Little Toadstool!!

I made my Daughters' Halloween costumes this year. A seamstress, I'm we looked around online for "beginner" costume ideas....When my youngest saw a Mushroom costume on Family Fun she said that's what she wanted to be! Okay....looked super easy to make...

This mushroom cap was a little time consuming because of all the hot gluing but easy, easy, easy to make....You only need a couple of items to make it too!!
1 Sombrero
1 yard of red and white felt {which is on sale right now at Joanns!!}
Hot glue gun
paper {you could even use newspaper!!}
Bubble wrap

It came together fast and she looked adorable and the best part....she loved it!! My other Daughter wanted to be a fish, she picked out some fabric and cut all the gills herself and pinned them....I sewed them up and her costume is super cute too..however..I was unable to get a picture of her just yet...hopefully on Halloween!! They went off to a Halloween party last night and they were both a big hit!! Love that!!

Are you ready for Halloween? Did you make a costume? What did you make if you did?

Have a Happy Halloween!!

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