Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Spooky Pillow Boxes!!!

Edited to add: I put a Kit to make these in my etsy shop!

Hello!!! Happy Tuesday!!! How is the start of your week going? Busy as always around here...and still feeling like I never get anything done.

Just a quick post today...wondering if you ever package up gifts in pillow boxes? You can make them or buy them in all different sizes and they decorate so easy and fun! I love them!!! I decided to make some for Halloween treats and stuffed them full of sweet candy {that I wanted to eat the whole time!!}

Using my hand dyed ribbon and some bling these little pillow boxes really came alive...love them...and they would make perfect classroom treats or party favors too, dontcha think??!!

Its so hard for me to be thinking about Halloween and Thanksgiving and the Holiday season when the temperature around here is still in the high 80s and 90s and I'm sweating in my house!! I like fall...I like the seasons....I love snow....its crazy that I still need to hit the pool to cool off!!!!

Okay....I'm going back to work...I am going to do a few craft fairs this season and I need to really start working on some projects so my table isn't empty!!

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