Friday, September 9, 2011

Dreadfully Delightful......

Friday, Friday!!! {Did you just catch yourself singing that?!}

I've been working on some cute little paper bag pocket treats for Halloween!! Perfect for tasty gift giving!!

These are so fun to feel like your creating a new little art piece with each one.

I used tiny paper bags. They are approximately 4.75" x 7". My friend, Mandi gave me lots of them to use! {Thank you, Mandi!} These are my favorite because they fit a gift card in the front pocket perfectly!! For Christmas I made dozens of them!! They look pretty awesome for Birthdays too!!

I love these spooky ones. I used regular Hershey bars as the main candy but you could use anything that you like. The bag of spiders came from Target last year and I hope they have some this year as they are the best...flat bottoms, perfect for gluing and realistic...Love them!!

Here they are all ready to go off to new homes! I wonder if I should put these on etsy? Maybe?!

My Daughter called this morning from school....she forgot her binder, could I please bring it...I told her I couldn't...I told her I had asked her a dozen times between last night and this morning if she had everything in her backpack and reminded her she said she did...everytime...I felt so bad and mean. I told her she would have to tell her Teacher that she had forgotten it. Her tiny voice quivered and she said Ok. I told her I loved her. I told her to have a good day. Her little tiny voice quivered again and I could tell she was trying so hard not to cry. We hung up and I practically cried myself!! Responsibility and Accountability...Right????? Right??? Its a good thing this is only the second week of school and we get to learn this lesson right off the poor little peanut!!

Hope you have a wonderfully, exciting weekend!!

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  1. Too stinkin' cute!!! Poor's a long day when you know you left something you need. Hard lesson to learn! You did the right thing, tears and all!

  2. Good Mom! I am sure her teacher appreciated your support as well. It will pay off in the long run. I love when my parents support me as a teacher by helping their students learn the sometimes tough lessons of responsibility.

  3. Keep up the good work mom. Lesson and consquinces make us up. The I love you is the best part.


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