Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer is Here!!!!!

Wow! Summer is finally here! This is the first time in a L O N G time the weather has been in the mid-seventies and I'm liking it!! I'm sure I will be complaining when its 105 degrees here, hard to breathe and sticky but mid seventies to mid eighties...I'll take any day!!

My summer postings will be sporadic as always....stopping in a few times here and there but nothing specific on the agenda! I will be working on some things to make and give using fabric scraps since I have boxes of beautiful scraps that I want to start downsizing and I have thought of 32 things so far that one could make and give using scraps!!! Woohooo... so I may or may not end up in my studio {it is the one room in the house that has an air-conditioner in I can keep nice and cool in here!!} I like to keep the summer open for who knows what adventures come our way!

I wanted to share my Birthday gift from my older Kids {yes, I turned older!}......I've been wanting a chandelier for a really long time and my Kids got me this one!!! Its so awesome!! Its Beautiful, colorful and funky fun!! {Love} I also got some mushroom salt and pepper shakers that I thought I'd share!! {adorable}

Well...I'm off...time to go work out in the pool...tomorrow...its Washer and Dryer shopping day....hoping I can get a good deal on them because they definitely were NOT in the budget but both of them have worked hard and apparently have come together and decided to both not work right at the same time...grrrrrr...
Hope the start of summer is going your way!!
Have fun!!!

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