Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Wednesday Already!!!!

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Mother's Day....completely emotional. I thought at first, I would be able to control my emotions thruout the day. 4 months have gone by. As it turns out...not so much. It was bittersweet. There were tears, laughter and love, all day. My Kids were awesome. The day was wonderful and I'm glad it has passed.

Working on some things for an etsy shop update. Need to make another Teacher Appreciation gift and must find an outfit and a gift for a wedding.

Hope you are doing something exciting!!

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  1. Glad you got through the day okayish. Our kids keep up going! Good luck with your shop :)
    Sending you gentle are always in my thoughts! Each morning when I get my Brave Girls email I think to myself this is just what Colleen needs to hear! Take care my lovely.xx


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