Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hawaiian Raaaaainbows.....

Okay...I've been working this morning!! I know...can you believe it?! Really, I did! I made a few of the candy leis' for the end of school, which are now officially called Big Blossom Candy Leis'! They turned out toooooooo cute and are so fun!!! I think all the Girls classmates will love these!!

I didn't use curling ribbon as most suggest because its just not my favorite item, instead I used colorful ribbon. Many people also use Saran Wrap but I used cellophane to wrap the candy and there is a lot of candy in these....but my favorite part is the Big yo-yo blossom! This thing is HUGE and happy and when the candy is can be used again!! Maybe to make a hair band or a brooch or on a scrapbook page...{Love!} Who knows what the Kids will come up with!!

I grabbed the oldest before he ran out the door helpful to have a handsome, willing participant {even if he does need a shave...ahem!} he is striking a pose for me, wearing one....

I'm happy they turned out as I envisioned....its always good when I don't have to scrap a project after I've purchased all the supplies!! Have you ever done that?? Not fun!

The Girls are off school again for Memorial Day but they also have two forced furlough days too, so it's another 5 day weekend!! I'm excited about Sister is flying in for the long weekend...a belated Birthday present to me and it should be a super fun I'll see ya next week!! Oh and in case your intrested in purchasing your own Big Blossom Candy Lei....I put some in my esty store!
Have a great weekend!!!

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