Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hello Butterfly!!

I always feel like the cards I send in the mail need to be hand made....even when I don't feel like or have the time to make them. It often makes me send out cards and gifts later than I should because I need to make the card. Remember that Dunkin Donuts ad, with the man that gets up at like 3 or 4 in the morning and stumbles around saying....time to make the donuts...lol...thats how I feel sometimes with my card making...so...I decided to make a card anytime I was crafting around....and start a stash of them so when I need one, I don't feel like the Dunkin Donuts man! Oh and don't get me wrong...I love making cards and the warm fuzzy you get from sending them...I also...love Dunkin Donuts {and it's a real good thing we don't have any around here!}
Here is the first one for my stash.....

I made it for the feature over at P K Glitz. Gotta love glitter!! You can see the supplies I used for it over there.
I'm off to go shopping...I need an art journal and some other fun items....
Hope you are having a terrific day!!

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  1. Hello cuteness!! Eeek! I LOVE it! The bright colors just pop off the kraft background and the pearls look gorgeous! I'm chuckling at the Dunkin' Donuts guy, too. I feel that way anytime I have to get up before 6am. Lol! :)


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