Friday, April 8, 2011

Blank Canvas.....

Dear Art Teacher;

No, my canvas is not empty, I was painting with all the colors of the wind.

Sincerely, Pocahontas*

Do you ever have a week where it feels like you've haven't accomplished anything? You've been super busy though?! That's how I've been feeling. While I couldn't finish a project this week if my life had depended on it...a lot got done....just not a lot of crafty stuff. I did made these...okay...last week....

In my never ending need and desire to be more "Green" and to be more efficient and organized {will I EVER get there??????} I made these beautiful posies using scrap paper scraps and my vintage dictionary embellishments that I have in my etsy store...they make me happy.

They are fun to make's how:
Simply punch out various sizes of scrapbook paper, distress the edges of each circle. Paint glue on various places on the edges of each circle and generously pour glitter over glue. Once dry, put some glue in the centers and stack circles on top of each other. Top with my little vintage dictionary embellishments or whatever you have on hand for a fun center! Easy, cute embellishment that works with your scrap paper scraps!! {Love} Have fun making them and just in case you don't want to make any but would like some....I'll put a couple sets in my shop soon!!

So, next week will be more week wont be a blank week I need to get some Easter Treats ready!!! I can't wait!!

After tomorrows' soccer game {providing it doesn't rain or hail again!} my weekend is pretty quiet and I'm so looking forward to that! I do hope to rent some movies and eat some buttery popcorn...My Girls and I got Art Journals this week so there may be some painting going on....What are your plans????

Have a great weekend,

*P.S. I read that on the Dear Blank website. Made me laugh for sure!! Some of them are completely hysterical and others...well, not so much {Really, not at all funny!}. So read it at your own risk and don't blame me if you are offended by some of them, I didn't make them up...not one of them! {Just Saying!}


  1. Hi Colleen,
    I'm in brave girls with you, I live in Danviile and have a shop in Benicia. It's called Hip Chick Designs, I have a facebook page. Hope we can meet

  2. Hi Colleen

    Hope you are okay my lovely.xx I have had a lovely catch up with your awesome blogging & craftiness..your posies are soooooo scrummy :)

    And your m&m tubes are making me hungry!

    Off to check out your link & have a mosey at your shoppie.

    Sending you Easter blessings. Gez.xx

  3. Adorable project! Thanks for sharing!

    Team Craftwell


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