Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy {Heart} Day!!!

What is the story of St. Valentine's Day? Does anybody really know? The Catholic Church recognizes three Saints with "Valentine" or "Valentinus" in their names. It was thought that Valentine was a priest who continued to perform marriages even after Roman Emperor Claudius II had banned them for he thought single men made much better soldiers. Another story suggest that either the same Valentine or another man, while imprisoned, fell in love with the jailers daughter and wrote a love letter to her signing it "Your Valentine". Some believe Valentines is something different altogether and feel it is quite literally...for the birds. A time when love birds choose their mates!
I think Valentines is a day where you give an extra hug or two to the people you love. Its a reminder to not forget to say I love you. You're special to me. That includes friends, neighbors and you too!!

{Photo: My Daughter's Valentines to her Classmates}

Whatever you believe about Valentines and however you celebrate it....I'm "Hoppy" you stopped by and I hope your day is filled with happiness and joy!!


  1. Interesting stories Colleen - thanks for sharing. Your daughter's valentines are tooooo cute! Love the little froggie.

  2. Awww yummy! I love all the green little frogs and the one little red heart! Super cute idea!

  3. Thanks for sharing the Valentine stories...cute tags too!!

  4. Too cute & thanks for sharing your stories!!

  5. Colleen, this is a hoppy little post and you made me smile! How cute are those frogs?? The one little heart is such a sweet touch, too! :)


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