Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hand Dying Your Own Ribbon!

Ever work on a project and cant find the perfect ribbon in your stash to match your project? Well in case you haven't ever dyed your own ribbon...not only is it fun...its super easy...
To get started…get out your ribbon you want to dye and your color sprays, today I'm using Ritzy Ditzy Glitz sprays from P K Glitz. I’m using Turquoise and Gold for a cool summer color. I put down plastic wrap so that no spray is lost and it all gets soaked into my ribbon.

Next: Mist your ribbon lightly with water and then start spraying your main color…

While you are spraying, move your ribbon around to get color everywhere on it, picking up the spray that is on the plastic wrap too. When you have the color you like…add your second color….

Do the same thing you did with the first color, move the ribbon around, picking up the spray on the plastic wrap. When you are happy with the color. Stop and let it dry. When it dries it will be a little lighter. If you want more color…repeat the process.

I am calling this color Gilded Mermaid! Too fun!! There are so many color possibilities...I love dying my own ribbon and I bet you will too!!


  1. Thanks for the quick tutorial on dying ribbon! This is perfect- just what I've been looking for. Can't wait to try it!

    I just discovered your etsy shop and your blog. Very nice! I look forward to following you!


  2. Oh, very neat! Thank you so much for the instructions, will definitely be trying this one out!


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