Thursday, June 4, 2009

Really...I have been Working!!

Its been so busy around here with all the end of school year events but I have been crafting, slowly for sure!! This is what I'm working on and its almost should see my craft shack...what a mess! =;O)
I know, I know...what kind of a picture is that?! Its raining here and its so dark. Everything I tried wouldn't work! (When I list this on eBay there will be much better photos!!!) It's a beautiful, Envelope Album and it has 12! tags inside it! Hopefully it will be finished by the end of the week!! Speaking of this week...besides a fun night for the girls at The Jungle, a fabulous Flute concert at the school, field trips and more....My daughter, bridged to a Junior Girl Scout last night. Now both girls have bridged as Miranda went to a Cadet a week or so ago!! I just loved how the Brownie Vests looked as they were taken off each girl and placed on the pole before crossing the bridge...Very Cool! Photobucket
The weekend is almost here! I hope you have something fun planned! Have a great Day!


  1. Your envelope project is lovely, very feminine and pretty!
    So nice to hear your girls have bridged. Scouting is a wonderful adventure for girls. I was a Scout, my dd is a lifetime member and Scout leader (cadettes in Germany & Daisies at present for her younger daughter). The older has been a Sr. Scout. Cherish the memories.

  2. Wonderful project. I know what you mean about the pictures ... mine always turn out that way when it's gray out and I've just learned to "see around it." My DD bridged to Juniors last week. It's very cool.... they must be around the same age!


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