Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy 108th Birthday!!!

It's Dr. Seuss's Birthday!!! Were he still alive, he would be 108 today!! We started celebrating his birthday when the Girls were in preschool and I guess since I love his work so much....I just can't stop....for breakfast we had the typical...Green Eggs and Ham....

I made them their lunches....silly lunches.....which they partly think they are too "old" for {humph} and part of them still love!! I hope the "love" part always wins out and they never tire of my goofy things!! I'm sure I enjoy it far more than they do but I can't Husband will be getting a "fish" sandwich in his lunch too!!

{Speaking of "fish" shaped sandwiches....I searched ALL of the area looking for that Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Bread...went to 4 different grocery stores...until one store manager said....Oh, they only have that on the East Coast!!! What???? How can that be??? I mean, I know the East Coast rocks and Dr. Seuss was born in Massachusetts so the need for fish bread must be pretty high out there....but there are some pretty cool fish out here on the West Coast as well...some that would really like to sink their teeth into some of that bread...Just Saying!!}
Back to Dr. Seuss.....I will be making these Truffula Trees for an after school treat!! When I saw these online...I just loved them, seriously a lot!! I'll post pictures when they are done!!

In the mean time.....enjoy this movie trailer for The comes out today and I actually want to go see it!!!

Have a Great Day.....and remember...
“If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good” Dr. Seuss

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