Wednesday, August 24, 2011

W O R D....

Wednesday!! Words to live by!!

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The Kiddos go back to school in less than a week!! Woot, Woot! LOL...don't get me wrong...we've had a lot of fun this summer but I am ready to get back into some type of routine, which is so hard to do in the summer. This past couple of days have been filled with Dr's appointments, school registrations and shopping....not that fun....but I know I will have time in the studio soon and a routine that makes everybody happy!! The half finished project that has been sitting on my desk can be finished and dinner can be counted on at's Goooooooooooooooud!!!!

I've been looking up fun things to do for school lunches. I want to make their lunches interesting at least for the first week. They have Bento boxes and that's pretty fun in itself, but I'll need to fill 'em....have any good ideas????

Hopefully you are having a fabulous week!! xoxo

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