Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chocolate Covered Pretzels! Yum!!

Busy, Busy, Busy! That's how this time of the year is! Beside the shopping and the wrapping, the cleaning of the disaster that was once my office, I've been baking and cooking and making these like crazy......

I made them before each Holiday Boutique I was in. They were a big hit. Then an order or two. Tonight I made these for my Daughters class. I have to make more this weekend. I have made Hundreds!!! Hundreds of little yummy pretzel sticks all decorated pretty...

I'm behind on everything else! I need to finish my Christmas shopping and wrap the gifts. This year I am praying I get it all done so that I am not up till 3am wrapping on Christmas eve! I hate that. I've always hated that..I want to relax on Christmas Eve and wait for Santa!! What have you been doing? I saw a neighbor's Persimmon tree....It was heavy laden with the ripe fruit. I wanted some. I wanted to stop and say....can I Please pick some of that beautiful fruit from your tree? I want to bake with it. I hope they don't let it go to waste. It was a beautiful sight it just needs to be picked. Hmmmmmm.....persimmon cookies....persimmon jam....What are you baking? Back to the pretzels, they are calling.....

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  1. I have never had persimmons but I love pretzels, would you share you yummy and beautiful recipe with us?!

    Liking your paper creations! Keep it up!


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