Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm not just "hanging" around! =:O)

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I have been busy! Busy making little crafties for my first ever craft faire! I am making some little do dads that will be inexpensive but cute! This week, I have been working with these...

Using only scraps from my HUGE scrap paper pile, I turned those into these and made lots and lots of them....

They are not as fast as I thought they would be to make. In fact I have been working on them for days! I measured the paper and glued them, I Mod-Podged them. Then of course finding the perfect accoutrement for each one is probably the most important thing! Some have flowers, some have bottle caps, some have buttons and string, the one thing they all have is....cuteness!! I even made some for myself! =:O)
Its getting pretty cool here in the mornings, today it was 40 degrees when I got in my car! I love cold mornings. The kind where you can see your breath in the air! I only wish it snowed here. Then the Holiday spirit would really kick in!!
I hope you had an amazing morning and your weekend is wonderful!!


  1. Hi Colleen~ What a fabulous idea for srap papers. I know I have drawers filled lol. They are adorable. I just may have to create some for gift giving.

  2. I love making these and yours are so cute!!! Great job!

  3. Another cute idea! Do they have magnets on the back?

  4. You're coming up with marvelous ideas for the craft faire, Colleen. This is darling.


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