Saturday, February 27, 2010

Family Fun.....

Our monthly, Family Fun night, a night we do something "scheduled" together where we put aside our Busy life and are just present in and for each other..(the older Kids come over too), is coming up quick and I need some fun ideas on what to do. A project, a place, anything really, just something fun. Last month, it was a Valentines project and we made a yummy dinner which included
Honey's....heart shaped barbecued Hamburgers and we all made awesome "Love shacks" (think Gingerbread houses with graham crackers instead)......the month before we went out to eat and then out for a night of "Cosmic" bowling. We've had a Bee Party with picnic food, made antennas, danced our own bee dance and watched the Bee Movie (which I'd love to show you pictures but my Kids would probably scream!!...just something fun...

I need some ideas for this months! Probably should include some green since it is close to St. Patrick's Day and should be inexpensive.....Have any Ideas??? Help Me!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Disorganized Stuff I Love....

I'm telling you...that's what my scrapbook office is like! Really! Like walk around stuff to get in! Its all stuff that I love but I can't be really productive, I've got to clean it all out and organize! So that's what I'm doing, at least that's the plan! I did make up a few scrapbook kits.....and that was productive!! I hope to have a few more soon for you fabulous blog readers!

I have only one of each kit and they are a steal at $14.99 + S&H. (I will ship outside the US, let me know where you are and I will add the additional shipping cost to the amounts shown!) I only except Paypal, sorry, no personal checks or money orders,(which protects both you and me!) Each box has lots of yummy stuff to get you started on an altered project, card or a happy scrapbook page or two! If you are interested in them, please send me an email letting me know what box you want, which way you would like it shipped, parcel post or priority as shown(if you live in the area, lets meet somewhere and you'll save the shipping costs!) and a paypal address where I can send the invoice. All the items are new and the magazines are in like new condition...Happy Scrapping, Stamping and Card Making!!
Box 1

Box 1 includes: 4 Reminisce papers, 1 Doodlebug card stock stickers, 1 Scrapbook Trends magazine, June 08, 1 heavy weight blank paper bag book, sewn, 1 pack Prima flowers, yellow, 1 yd leaf ribbon, 1 decoupaged clothespin, 1 Brilliance ink pad in Coffee Bean, 1 Cloud 9 Clear epoxy stickers, 1 "Thinking of You" rubber stamp. Shipping is 29oz US only, so $9.55 priority or $8.09 parcel post.

Box 2

Box 2 includes: 3 Sheets Pebbles Inc paper, 1 Doodlebug card stock and 1 party mix rub-ons, 1 little yellow bicycle fabric tabs and labels, 1 K Marcella dimensional stickers, 1 Scrapbook Trend magazine Nov 07, 1 7Gypsies 6x6 ring book kit, 1 pack Prima flowers in pink, 1 covered clothespin, 1 pack no hole glass beads, 1 "Princess" rubber stamp. Shipping is 37oz US only, so $10.70 priority or $9.92 parcel post.

Box 3

Box 3 includes: 1 Sparkle Doodlebug card stock, 4 BoBunny scrapbook papers, 1 tin, 1 roll of designer ribbon, 1 pack Prima flowers, 1 "Star" rubber stamp, 1 Scrapbook Trends magazine, August 08, 1 K&Company chipboard sticker sheet, 1 Making Memories creative tile stickers. Shipping is 26oz US only,so $9.55 for priority or $8.09 for parcel post.

I off again to clean....or pretend to clean....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feeling a little "Betty"ish.....

Oh its such an overcast rainy day today...and cold! I got lots of chores done today, loads of laundry and made a big huge pot of chili which I love and the house smells so yummy! Later, I'll make of couple of cornbread pies and dinner will be warm and hearty...nothing better for a rainy, cold day! I did manage to get a couple of cards made too...that's always fun!! Unfortunately, with it being so dark out, I just couldn't get better pictures! =:O(

I used a Melissa Frances rub on that says: A Mother is someone who dreams great dreams for you but then lets you chase the dreams you have for yourself and loves you just the same! I love that saying!! The big chipboard butterflies are from K&Company and are soooo awesome and you get a million of them! Fun Stuff!!

Another "Mother" card....This time I used yummy Anna Griffin paper and a chipboard frame which I covered in PK Glitz's EP Lite in Poppy Jasper....very pretty sparkle it!!
Well, I'm off to do a little more laundry and I promised myself I would clean out underneath the bathroom sink, which looks like it could be included in an episode of hoarders and is really bugging me...wish me luck! =:O)

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I've had these little boxes around for ever and today having the want to use one, it took over an hour to locate them in this office....I so wish I could hire a professional organizer...wouldn't that be fabulous?!! This little box holds just the perfect amount of a special treat for someone sweet! I'm in love with these Memory Box papers, even the names are yummy....whisper soft pinks, pistachio green and semi-freddo happy are those names? Love this pack of paper!!

I could write a list a mile long of all the things I am Thankful for! Today, some of the things I am Thankful for is that the weekend is almost here and that Hannah's science fair project is done, turned in and has already received a good grade! That Honey had some work and that I managed to get a few things done on my own too!! (of course....that doesn't mean I got everything else done... =:O) Using the same papers I decided to make a Thankful card...just my mood....

I wanted them to go together but when I sat them side by side the ribbons sooooo did not match and I just can't have that....
What are you Thankful for? Can you name 5 things right at this given moment that you are truly Thankful for? I bet you could, I bet you could name 20 or even 25...just think about it!!
Big Hugs because I'm Thankful for you!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Glitter, Glitter, Glitter!!

I love glitter...Lots of glitter....Who doesn't like glitter? It could almost be a food group! Okay...I said, almost!!
Well....I am super excited to announce that I have been chosen to be one of the members of the Design Team for PK Glitz! A Glitter Company...Super, Happy, Glitter!!!!
I can't wait to show you some projects using this yummy stuff!
We've been working hard on helping my Daughter do her Science Fair project...we decided to do a project with Cookies, so its been baking and tasting around here!! So I'll be back with a project soon after the kitchen clears outs and her project is done!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

You're The Cream of The Crop!!!

The Kids and I sat at the kitchen table today and finished up their Valentines to take to school tomorrow!! These adorable little "Sour Cream Packs" were actually a lot of fun to make!! We used only the valentine scrap paper and card stock that I had in my scrap bag!!! I Love that!! Don't throw away those scraps!! They can always be used in a different project!!!

The Kids, glued, taped and stuffed all sorts of valentines goodies that I had from various projects inside each pouch and I used the paper crimper on the ends. Attached a tag with some ribbon and viola....little packets of goodness! Did you make Valentines to send to school? I'd love to see them!!!

Do you have any special traditions that happen on Valentines? Around my house...The Valentines Day Fairy shows up and leaves a little wrapped gifts for the Kids...we usually spend it as a family with candlelit dinner and all...the Kids love it! Shhhhh...we are also making some "Love Shacks"(think Gingerbread Houses)out of graham crackers...Should be fun!!! What are your plans?
Until next time...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Boys like Valentines too!!

I needed to make a couple of valentines that would work for Men...Friend know, just one of the guys, kinda this is what I came up with...simple, cute and not so girly, lovely dovey....which was a little bit of a challenge for me because I wanted to do bows and flowers...and PINK...but I refrained...

You can't tell in the picture but the Martha Stewart hearts are pop-dotted. I loved this Happy "Heart" Day, craft smart stamp which I got at works for everybody...boys included! The g.c.d studios paper...pretty, pretty!!
I'm finally getting my first cold of the season, thought our house was gonna skip them this year.... =:O( Seems like its gonna be a pretty good head cold....I totally want a nap! So...I'm off...Have a Happy Day today!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

I love you to "Pieces"!!!!

I was working on a couple of orders for some chocolate covered pretzels...after I was done and getting ready to clean up, I looked at all the broken pretzels pieces and thought, hmmmmm, I'll make those for the Kids as an after school snack. So I sat back down and using the broken pieces I made a bunch of these little tasty cutie sticks...

Then I thought, hey...they would make a fun snack anytime...for anyone...suddenly they turned into this...I couldnt help myself...thats how it works for me...I think of something and nothing else can happen until its out of my head...and I should be working...and here I am playing around.....the tag says: I Love You to Pieces! Happy Valentines Day!!

Cute huh?!! Now you know what to do with all those nagging, broken pretzels pieces you have hanging around your house!! =:O)
Have a GREAT weekend and remember on Super Bowl Sunday(or anytime)... Fans Don't Let Fans Drive Drunk!

Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm in LOVE!!!!!

I am in LOVE with these fabric flowers! Can't make enough, can't stop looking at them, can't stop wanting to make every color imaginable!!
It started out simple enough...I was responding to a comment left on my blog by Suzanne of Just Another Hang Up I love checking out new blogs and so I headed over to hers...looking at her adorable items I noticed they all had these beautiful flowers on them! A couple of emails later,(Thanks Suzanne!) I was heading out to the store with a supply list to make some, okay....make..lots and lots..

I have so many ideas to use these flowers for!! Like scrapbook pages, little gifties or more cards like this one:

I decided NOT to finish the centers of these flowers, that way I could put whatever matched what I was working into the center of them. Like this card, I used a little Melissa Frances glittered chipboard heart in the flower center! Too Cute!! Then I wrapped up a full sized Hershey bar! Happy dressed up chocolate! Who wouldn't want to find that in their mailbox on Valentines Day?!! Pearls in the center for that flower...the possibilities are endless!! You'll probably be seeing a few more of these fabric yummies on future projects......

I'm feeling a little obsessed but I'm not worried too much, tomorrow, I'll see something else...I just HAVE to make..but for now, I have a working stash of these flower beauties and I even made a few extra that I will put up in my etsy store soon, so you can have a few too! Do you want them WITH or with OUT centers??? Which way is better????
Anyway....I gotta Run...Thank you for visiting me!!! I hope you have a Great Week...
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